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Head Office

Our headquarters is conveniently located in the south- eastern suburbs of Melbourne – close to numerous composites businesses, and to major research facilities.

The FCST leadership team, based at this location, can assist customers and strategic partners  with innovation, technology, capability planning, product development, project acquisitions, R&D funding applications, and grant applications.

Composite Materials Laboratory

FCST’s composite materials laboratory is an important resource instrumental in assisting to develop innovative, engineering solutions for today’s challenges and opportunities.  It is also important for rigorously researching and testing prototypes or specimens, to ensure that they correspond with the concept or client needs.

To further support this laboratory, FCST is able to work with partners in the Australian “Research Development and Innovation” community.

Textiles Manufacturing

204 Chesterville Road, Moorabbin 3189 (entrance via 7 Friars Road)

FCST’s manufacturing facility has been designed to provide optimum efficiency and flexibility in the production of textile products.

The 3-D and 2-D looms, are able to produce a wide range of textiles, tailored to meet individual client needs.  In addition, twisting and cabling system equipment provide further manufacturing capabilities.

The ability for customers to specify weave styles, 2-D or 3-D structure, fibre type (synthetic, glass, carbon, aramid, natural fibres) and batch size is unique to FCST.  This unique capability supports R & D initiatives, where shorter production runs and flexibility to test a range of options are often important considerations.